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The following links are a collection of articles in which Animal Ambulance has been mentioned. Specific information regarding Animal Ambulance in these articles is highlighted in bold.

Feed Lot Magazine March/April 2002
Going Home Truck Saves Time, Money, Stress on Cattle
Recovering from pneumonia just got a little easier - at least you would think so if you were escorted home from the hospital in Am Agra's Animal Ambulance.

Calf News February 2002
Going Home in Style
The Animal Ambulance allows one operator to return "go-home" cattle over the bunk line.

Livestock Weekly November 2001
Garden City Feedyard Showcases FBO Expansion; Shipments Grow
It was just two years ago that Garden City Feed Yard ran 60 head of cattle on cornstalks on a 320-acre field adjacent to the existing feedyard. Today that same field is set to become home to 55,000 head of cattle.