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Solid Sides | Rubber Flooring | Hydraulic System | Cattle Compartments
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Solid Sides

  • Solid sides or walls keep cattle calmer – preventing cattle from being frightened by people or other moving objects outside (blocking vision). Solid sides provide a sense of SAFETY and SECURITY.



Non-Slip Rubber Flooring

  • Rubber flooring provides longevity and secure non-slip footing plus noise reduction.

Hydraulic System

  • Quiet
  • No interaction between livestock and people
  • Simple
  • Toggle switch controls

Cattle Compartments (5)

  • No alley sorts
  • Allows cattle to move in SMALL groups (numbers) efficiently and quietly
  • Enhances livestock natural movement behavior
  • Keep animals calm and lets them move out of compartments calmly and quietly
  • Allows for direct movement from HOSPITAL to HOME
  • Slow is FASTER

Sonic Start

  • Located in each compartment and can be used to move cattle with the aide of moving air eliminating HOT SHOTS. (US Patent No.6,537,016)


Control Panel

  • State-of-the-art control panel requires only ONE person to operate the unit.
  • One operator can return up to 20 cattle to 5 different "home pens" in much less time
  • One person allows for quiet handling - therefore "operator friendly"
  • LABOR SAVINGS $$ Reducing number of employees to return livestock to "home pens"compared to the old-fashioned manner of trailing cattle down the cattle alleys
  • NO interaction with livestock (all controls on OUTSIDE of unit) - reducing chance of accidents -- lowering workman's compensation possibilities.



  • Sidewalls – Corrugated seamless with high air ports
  • Front and Rear walls – Solid corrugated seamless
  • Flooring – Tongue and groove rubber flooring
  • Partitions – Solid corrugated seamless
  • Ramp – Coated steel and aluminum tread plate
  • Hydraulics – PTO driven
  • Control Panel – State-of-the-art electrical
  • Bumper – Rubber
  • Gates – Hydraulic operated
  • Clean out slots – Sides and end
  • Paint – Primer and painted white
  • Lower walls – Rubber undercoat treatment


  • Next to NO maintenance needed
  • NO grease gun needed
  • NO grease zirks
  • UHMW bearings
  • UHMW wear points


US Patent No.6,537,016, US Patent No.6,439,825, and US Patent No. 6,913,432