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Chris McCarley - Animal Health Supervisor

"This has to be one of the top five innovative products that has come to the animal health world in the last twenty years."

Tom Selh - Walco

"It's incredible!"

Ryan Schneider - Cattle Manager

"I'd sure hate to go back to doing it the old way"

Charles Abraham - President, E-Merge Interactive

"It's not hard to run up $80 of expenses with a sick animal in medicine, handling, and lost performance."

Ken Winters
- Feedlot Owner/Manager

"I can't believe how efficient this product has made us!"

Ran Smith, DVM
- Feedlot Owner/Manager

"When was the last time you walked in the damp and deep to the hospital with pneumonia and then the doctor made you walk home in the dry and dusty at the same time you were trying to recover?"

Kenny Heman
- PRCA Judge, Professional Horse and Working Dog Trainer

"Before I became self-employed, I always considered myself to be a conscientious employee and worked hard for my employer and his customers. But What am I supposed to do in this situation?I'm at the second-to-last pen of the day and have not pulled any cattle in this section. I see a 'marginal' pull, yet I see 22 gates to set. I consider the length of travel, time, and stress plus the 22 gates again on 'go home' day. What would you do?"

Larry Lightfoot
- Head Hospital Manager

"I had thought of something like this for a long time. I just never put the energy and commitment toward the idea."